Almost ready!


I've been finishing off for the party on Friday - and yesterday after finishing some earrings I was sooooooooo tired I couldn't think past by bed so thats why there was no post yesterday. I'll use this post to show you some of my latest pieces I've finished - hope you like them!! The chainmaille bracelet "Chains" is with 6mm rings so slightly lighter and more movement than the smaller rings.

This is some more of Hannah's handy work - I commissioned these for the special purpose of showing off these organic emeralds - isn't it pretty??

Again Hannah's discs with some of my beautiful faceted garnet - these flew out the door this morning and I have to say I've seen them worn (hello Clare!!) and they look very pretty!

Zanzibar again with Hannah's componants are with peridot handwired on handmade fine silver headpins. Very zingy looking with a fabulous swish!

Wish me luck and I'll probably be back on SUnday - busy weekend up ahead!!

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Kebo Jewellery said...

Lots of lovely earrings...GOOD LUCK for your parties, may you make lots and lots of sales :o)


Brandi said...

Speaking of headpins, there's something I wanted to ask you since your interview. I really want to make my own headpins and I've found an online article that makes it seem pretty easy - do I need a particular type of butane torch? Does it take long? Any tips? :)

Kutuu said...

Oooh, I couldn't possibly pick a favourite! I love seeing what you do with my stuff. Good luck for the weekend!

Maz Simpson said...

I love the peridot earrings and the garnet ones - gorgeous!!

Maz x

pinkmilk said...

I love the chainmaille bracelet, hope all went well with your party.