50 Lengths

Why the title I hear you all ask??? Well today is my swim day with my lovely Mum - my Mum suffers from Polymyalgia which is an arthiritis of the joints - its supposed to stay with you until your body learns to fight it - my poor mum has had to cope with it for 3 years now and although she has cut her steriods down to one a fortnight today she was stiff and in pain and a swim always relieves it!! And yes I did my 50 lengths!!!

THis necklace is made with labrodite nuggets, silver and Caroline Hannons beautiful artisan beads - the blue flash in the stones is almost like peacock blue - that shimmer between blue and purple and I used Carolines beads to enhance this flash. ITs a long necklace, one to wear with higher necklines and I am rather proud of this one!!

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Crafted Gems said...

wow 50 lengths!!!!!

and i LOVE that necklace

Anonymous said...

And so you should be!!!

Brandi said...

oh man, 50?? good gracious. :)

so, jo!! i finally got a torch and experimented with making my own headpins. i had to use sterling (because i couldn't justify buying fine silver till i got it right), but i think i'm doing something wrong. there's a strange dimple in some of the balls, and after i cleaned them, they look a little yellow. do i need to make some pickle? or is that just because i used sterling as opposed to fine?

help! :)