Earrings galore

I have been busy making earrings - they seem to be flying out as fast as I can make them sotodays beautys are all gemstones -" All that glitters" are beautiful Ametrine with amethyst and citrine - as you can see there are a few inclusions but I think it adds to the beauty - I'm not into perfection with my stones - I'm a more organic person but these beautys so caught my eye.

Then I made another pair with Smokey Quartz and Rose Quartz which are very posh for me but I'm so pleased for them although I had aching hands when I'd finished!! The gemstones are amazing not sure my pics show them off that well?

Thank goodness Friday is here and I can lie in tomorrow - getting up early is not my thing and luckily I have a child who likes her bed!! A glass of wine tonight or shall Imake that a G&T - first week back at school and all that ;0)

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Melissa said...

Ohhhh those Ametrine ones make me drool! Those are such stunning stones!

Maz Simpson said...

I love these Jo! Fabulous gemstones - smoky quartz is my fave, it looks gorgeous with the rose quartz.
Maz x said...

These are just beautiful. I love your work. Of course you can link to my blog! I would love that.

have a great week \- T