Never mind I don't like Monday, I don't think I particulary like Wednesdays either! Why? I hear you ask, well Wednesday doesn't really give me much time to play with my beads, I work in morning (for E) then I watch Elli swim with the school , pick up from school is straight after (you still with me!) and then after homework and a light dinner we are off to Rainbows - now normally I would be then off to Pilates but I'm not feeling too good , my ears are aching and crackling and I feel I need a night off everything - including my beads eeek!

I have got a few goodies to show you though :) and I'm hoping after the gym to make something else for your perusal - fingers cross some of my supplys arrive though. But for now I'm having a night off (well after the hoovering yuk!)

See you tomorrow xx

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Anonymous said...

Awww, hope you're feeling better. It must be bad if you had a night off the beads. lol

Beautiful jewellery as usual, you pick the scrummiest lampwork and silver don't you. I'll bring the bangle over for you if I can have a look in your stash! :o)

Beverley Abbott said...

I love the earrings babe!
Hope you are feeling better too!
love bev xxx

Miss Moon said...

Ooh these are gorgeous Jo!

Hope you feel better soon x