Bet your wondering at the title of this post - well yesterday E bought round some bikes to try (his mate is selling them) so because Elli loves riding the trail ( special bike trail near to where we live) we thought it would be great fun to all ride our bikes!! It was great fun but I'm a little sore and tender in a certain area today - I suppose that's what happens when you haven't ridden a bike for about 6 years!! Please someone tell me it doesn't last!!

At the moment I am selling earrings like hotcakes - it must be the season for decorating your ears!! I'm almost - (I said almost!) struggling to keep up but hey I love a challenge! I have a party on Friday -(hello Ally if you are reading this!) and then my silversmithing course is on Saturday and Sunday so busy busy here - might need Monday off!

The top earrings are a beautiful purple Chariote (perfect with all the purple in the shops!!) and the second ones are Amazonite with Karen Hill Tribe Silver - aren't they cute! Thirdly are beautiful hammered silver discs by Alison Raposa hung on solid chain - very light!
Last but no means least are beautiful opal earrings (again silver discs by Allison)

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Laura said...


I went to Center Parcs a fortnight ago and I hadn't ridden a bike for six or seven years.

Oh. My. God.

The pain! After the first day's cycling I was walking like John Wayne for about two days and every time I got back on the bike, even to ride a short distance, I was in agony with every pedal-push.

The aching wore off by the Friday (the day we left to go home) but I tell you, next time I go I'm going to get in bike training a few weeks beforehand.

So I totally sympathise with you and I hope your 'area' is feeling better soon! ;o)

Laura x

Crafted Gems said...

oh rather you than me riding a bike!!!!
And fab earrings

Heather said...

Those earrings are just so beautiful! I especially love the last pair!!

Jennifer said...

oooooo....I looove the Charoite pair! *cheesy grin*

Beautiful earrings! I love drooling at your blog Jo!