Swirls and Curls

Yep the weather is now a typical English autumn , misty drizzle and cold - arghhh I hate this weather - my hair naturally is wavy - not a nice ringletty curl but what I class as a clump wavy bit every so often and this sort of weather aggravates my hair no end. Every morning I straighten my hair (and yes I use protectors lol) and if I stepped outside now it would just undo all the hard work!! Funny that I straighten it now for years I had a spiral perm to create the ringletty curls I so desired!!

The above bracelet has the fabulous Isabelle Anderson's beads and Karen Hill Tribe silver - crystals in Silk help create this eyecatching but soft looking bracelet.

And now I have to attempt to photograph some new pieces I have created - this murky light is not liked by my camera at all!! Also my saw arrived - I have to say Goulds Jewellers were fabulous - second to none customer service I would recommend there service highly - so if in need of some tools try these lovely people :)

© Gemheaven 2007


Brandi said...

beautiful jo! just beautiful!

KARA said...

pretty jo jo, tell me about thr clumpy hair me too, straighteners are a god send.
Tell me also about the light its a nightmare can't get anything done. ugh
Love ya

Gemheaven said...

Glad its not just me Kara :D

LOve ya too mwah