What about love?

I seem to be selling my bracelets as fast as I make them at the moment!! So I thought I would show you my latest necklace to keep you all on your toes :D This one is with Isabelle Andersons beautiful terra nuggets - they remind me of little rocks - do they you?? I've mixed the glass beads with loads of Bali and Hill Tribe Silver which gives it this wonderful contemporary look.

But have also made about 4 bracelets so keep an eye out in the next few days for my latest creations!! If anyone can guess the link with the name of this piece let me know in the comments and the winner can choose an item from the website up to £15 - winner will be picked (Unless there is only one - on Wednesday!!) Have fun!!

© Gemheaven 2007


Kebo Jewellery said...

Beautiful pieces....hmm, what is the link????

Wild guess but is it because the lampwork beads look like rocks and rocker's Heart had a song called 'what about love'....see, said it was a wild guess!!!!

Alison Perry said...

I see someone has beaten me to it - my first thought was also Heart's 'What about Love', beacause of the shape of the main bead - I was a serious rock chick in the 80s (and supose I still am at heart :)and Heart wewre one of my favourtite bands.

Gemheaven said...

Remember the more entrants means any right answer will be pulled out of a hat by my trusty assistant ( aka Elli!!)

ButterflyBeadwear said...

What super piece you have made yet again Jo, I would love to have ago at your qıiz, but I'm no good at that type of thing, the only reason I can think you've called it What about love, is becuase of the heart shaped pendant in the middle, but I know there is more to it then that-like I said not a strong point!!!
So sorry to hear you have been poorly, but I'm sure you are well on the mend now, becuase antibotics work really fast-I've also started a course today, and hope to be feeling my oldself in a day or too, feel too tired to spend too long beading, it's awful because I love beading.
Take Care Jo

KARA said...

wow what a great piece that focal is gorgeus with a capital G and as always luvie you have made it look amazing