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Soldered , yep on my own, it was a huge step mind you I have no idea why I was so afraid!! I wanted so much to practise a few things but my jewellers saw still hasn't arrived - this postal service is awful at the moment I'm also missing beads from Isabelle and some silver to fingers crossed everyone it all turns up tomorrow!! I'll show you at the bottom of this post what I did!

This neckace has beautiful lampwork beads by Claire Morris of Rowanberry Glass - the colours are stunning and I hopefully have managed to capture their beauty with the gemstones I used, Kyanite, lapis lazuli and smokey quartz of course intermingled with silver!!

And this is my soldered links - these are hammered and soldered and I've made a clasp so I can wear it as a bracelet - hopefully when my saw arrives I will be able to make less "organic" looking ones!!
* organic meaning rough!!!

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Crafted Gems said...

love your organic chain hun

Krista said...

Thats fantastic, Iv been dying to try something like that foe a while but 2 scared of messing up, did you find it hard to do,Well Done :o) , Krista x

Gemheaven said...

Hi Krista

(LOng time no see hope you are well!!)

MY silversmithing course helped but it wasn't bad - more scared of the pickle lol!!

BetteJo said...

I have a soldering iron but I haven't tried it yet. Don't know why - I had to solder in a job I had a million years ago so it's not like I am totally unfamiliar.
It's great that you are moving forward like that!

DragonflyLynne said...

Oooh, I love this necklace. Just gorgeous. And the chain is brilliant, well done! I would love to have a go. Lynne x

Catherine said...

The colours in your necklace are simply beautiful. It jumps right of the page at you!

Catherine x

MyCharlieGirl said...

i love the soldered links! thanks for the comment on my hair :) xx

Brandi said...

i looooove the organic look!!

btw, thanks so much again for your advice on the headpins! i got my fine silver wire in and promptly ignored everything else to go make headpins. you're absolutely right, fine silver is LOADS easier to use. i could make headpins all day! :D

KARA said...

now now who is going to be a jeweller extrodnaire yes thats right you are, what amazing soldering woohoo for you.
love the Necklace too, looks great length, what is it 20 inches ?

Maz Simpson said...

Fab soldering Jo - isn't it fun!! I'm still scared of the torch and the pickle... getting better though lol ;-)