Mondays blues!

Ohhh Mondays are the hardest morning aren't they - trying to get up in the dark doesn't help nor that fact my dh switched the heating to come on AFTER I get up brrr!! I love the Autumn though I love the freshness of the air but it doesn't stop me yearning for warm mornings where I can feel the heat in the air really early in the morning - maybe having a poor summer doesn't help - can't complain though this October has been lovely and warm!

The above bracelet contains amazing beads by Mary Parker of Flamingo Beads the colours in them are really beautiful - go take a look at this talented lady's work! OH and an artisan made toggle by Hannah @ Kutuu :D

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BetteJo said...

Your beads are beautiful but I TOTALLY love your silver!!

diamond engagement rings said...

Beautiful pictures.

KARA said...

wow jo jo those beads look like electric I love the silver pillow bead you have teamed them with.
Gorgeous as always

Anonymous said...

Oooh is that toggle by you know who?!?

Lovely bracelet, those beads look very mysterious to me!