Swimming in Cool Waters


Today is my swim day, today I did my 50 lengths as usual - does anyone who reads this swim?? I want to know why the first 20 are the hardest, thats when my arms ache, I want to stop, its tiring and I want to just float, after that it gets easier and although the 49 is hard and tiring I also have strong arms and feel like I could go on - why is this???

The above bracelet is with Carolines beautiful beads, I don't know if you can see but the colours in the encased beads are from darkest blue to pale and greens, wonderful bali beads and clasp with a crystal quartz rondelle to enhance the clear - funny why I called her Cool Waters!

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fhiona galloway said...

yes! I used to do swimming regularly and that's it exactly-those first few are hardest then you can go on forever!! Weird!
Beautiful bracelet. Love those dreamy beads!

Beverley Abbott said...

Love the beads and of course the bracelet my lovey doo doo!

I am crap at swimming but can manage about 20 lengths and it hurst because all exersize hurts my love, you have heard the quote "feel the burn" havnt you!